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The Broken on the PSP
March 27, 2005 08:42 PM

I have converted all 3 epsiodes of The Broken hacking videos into the MP4 format. With this format these videos can now be played on the Sony PSP. They were converted using PSP Video 9 A great little program, which often takes a long time to convert. Each of the full-length videos are under 30MB in size so that each one of them can fit on the default MemoryStick that sony provides. I have the converted videos up for download on my videos page of my website. Please use my bittorrent tracker to download the videos if possible. This is because I am very low on bandwidth and I don’t want my website to be shutdown.

Link: Get Bit-Torrent | Sony PSP | The Broken | PSP Video 9 | The Broken on the PSP | digg | +digg

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