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Mailinator Beats Dodgeit
July 19, 2005 12:27 PM

When you visit a website and they ask you to enter your email address, most are afraid to give away their email address. So thats when DodgeIt became popular. Whenever you are in that situation again just type in any email @dodgeit.com (ex: abcd@dodgeit.com). Now to go check that message just go to DodgeIt.com and and enter the username you had choosen and your messages will appear. There were some major problems with this service:

  1. Because of the popularity, too many users started to slow down their servers. And it would take forever to for a message to appear in your inbox, or just to get there. And last loading even plain text messages take a long time.
  2. Then also once you get there most messages would be distorted. Images and links do not appear and the messages appears in plain text, so no links work. It also leaves the message in an unformated view, which is very hard to read.

Now a new very similar service is available called Mailinator. This site is fast, looks good, and gets you to your messages right away! They also have a feature which generates random email address for you if you can’t think of what to choose. The only single disadvantage I found with this service was the lack of RSS feeds, which Dodgeit provides. This site works pretty much the same way just choose an address @mailinator.com and go to their website and enter the name you choose and view your messages.

Note: Make sure you do not use this for any personal sites. This is because these inboxes are 100% open to the public and anyone can see what you can see. If you’d like to be more careful just create an extra Yahoo or Hotmail inbox and use that to send your spam to!

Link: Mailinator | DodgeIt
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