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Super Bowl XL in HD
February 4, 2006 03:47 PM

Super Bowl HD

The SuperBowl XL is going to be broadcast completly in HD by ABC. This is the first Super Bowl ever that a broadcasting company has decided to do this. Last year’s game had HD, but was only available to a very few amount of subscribers. If you do have a HD set here are three ways to get the Super Bowl XL in HD:

  1. Cable – If you have cable, a HD reciever, and get ABC then you should be able get the game in HD. But there are many different cable providers, so you should check with your provider to be sure.
  2. Satellite – There are two major providers Dish Network and DirecTV. If you have DirecTV, they offer ABC in HD in most areas. If you have the High Defenition service you will recive it on Channel 86 (Eastern & Central time zones) or Channel 87 (Pacific & Mountain time zones). You will need the a HD-Capable box for both networks. If you have Dish Network you are probably out of luck. Dish does not offer ABC in HD, which means no HD Super Bowl. But if you have an over the air antenna module facing major broadcast centers such as SFO, then you might be able to catch the game.
  3. Antenna – ABC brodcasts free off air conent in HD in certain areas. Check your local listings to see if you are elligible to recieve the content in HD. You will need to have a HD tuner to retrive the content as well as a HD supported off air antenna.
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