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PSP Firmware v2.80 Released
July 27, 2006 05:39 AM

PSP Firmware v2.80

As announced last week at Comic Con, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has officially released Firmware v2.80 for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). This update comes with a variety of new features making the PSP easier to use and giving it more functionality. The updates main features include the ability to download videos through the RSS Channel and place media into new easy-to-access folders.

PSP Firmware v2.80 Features:

  • Download video and image content under [RSS Channel].
  • Register devices via a wireless LAN access point under [LocationFree Player].
  • Play AAC files with file extension .3gp under [Music].
  • Play content saved in [MUSIC], [PICTURE], and [VIDEO] folders on a Memory Stick.

The RSS Channel was originally introduced in v2.60, but was limited to only audio files. With this update, video and photo files will be recognized and displayed in the RSS Channel. Although new functionality has been offered, this update unfortunately does not offer streaming video content through the RSS Channel similarly to how the audio works. However it does allows saving videos and pictures to your Memory Stick.

The other important implementation is the new folder layout. The PSP no longer requires media files with special names if they are placed into the “MUSIC”, “PICTURE”, or “VIDEO” folders respectively. These folders are to be placed in the main directory of the PSP. Also note that previous arrangements of files will still function as usual. This feature will make it easier for newbie as well as all PSP users to organize their media.

Download: Sony PSP Update Page [or via PSP WIFI: Settings -> Network Update]
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