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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
October 12, 2009 12:29 AM

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is a portable mouse for notebooks that boasts a long battery life and plenty of customizations. It has an ergonomic build and a stylish design with a new innovative technology behind the scenes. It’s a reliable piece of hardware available at a great price.

Precision and Responsiveness
Microsoft’s new Mobile Mouse 4000 works on both PCs & Macs using the USB 2.4 GHz wireless receiver. It features Microsoft’s new and advanced BlueTrack Technology, which is the biggest selling point for the device.  The BlueTrack Tracking Engine diverges from the typical wireless laser mouse. It uses an advance incoherent Blue LED.  With a wider beam and high angle optics, it can track on even granite, marble, and glossy surfaces. So I put it to the test. And it worked on my black mouse pad, a somewhat glossy desk, the carpet, and even the textured wall. It worked just as advertised. The next time you are at a coffee shop and decide to use a shiny magazine as your mouse pad, you can be assured that this mouse won’t fail. This is a great improvement from the last generation of mice, but competitors are already another step ahead. For example, competing products from Logitech sport a new technology called Darkfield that work even on glass. Although the Mobile Mouse 4000 can not match that feature, it is also a much more affordable device and won’t disappoint.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Colors

Battery and Connectivity
Microsoft’s other enhancements that truly make the Wireless Mobile Mouse an excellent product include the Nano Transceiver and the Battery Life. The Nano Transceiver on its own is an amazing advancement for wireless mice. It isn’t new, but is a welcome inclusion. Unlike other USB receivers, this one barely extends out of the USB port. There are less chances of snapping  the receiver or damaging your USB port. In addition the entire transceiver fits into a small compartment under the mouse. It is released with a quick push of a button besides the slot. Microsoft’s Mouse runs on a single AA battery. A small indicator light on top will change from Green to Yellow when it’s running out of juice. You won’t have to worry about it dying unexpectedly. There’s also a power on-off switch underneath to help maintain battery life. Microsoft claims a 10 month battery life and I think that’s a reasonable lifespan. It doesn’t add to much bulk to your bag when you are on the go and it will last a long time.

Shape and Design
The device has plenty of benefits overall, but does have a few drawbacks. First, it’s a relatively small mouse with a symmetrical shape. This is great for ambidextrous users, but a bit too small for the average person. I probably wouldn’t use this as my main mouse, but there’s no question it’s great for travel. It would also suit children and teens just fine. The layout is fairly typical, with a left/right click, a scroll wheel in between, and an extra button on the upper left side. That extra button functions by default as a back button. It’s a great idea and worked just fine for me, a right-handed user, but would definitely be in an awkward place for lefties. I also was slightly disappointed with the scroll wheel.  It isn’t notched too well and constantly slips causing my documents to scroll slightly. Plus if you were to attempt to press it inwards to initiate a middle-click or free-scroll, it once again often slips. Overall it’s not the best mouse for full-time use unless you’ve got small hands, but does the job for traveling.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Receiver

The IntelliPoint software software included with the mouse enables a whole new set of features. It’s easy to customize and will be appreciated. Any button on the mouse including the scroll wheel can all have their functionality tweaked. With the default settings, the scroll wheel will activate Vista’s 3D Flip function and the side button will be the Back button for your Web Browser. What makes the software powerful is the program specific customizations. It will allow the mouse to be configured differently based of what program you have active at the time. For example the pressing in the scroll button can be the middle-click when using Firefox, but at other times launch the 3D Flip. These types of settings help increase productivity greatly. The one thing this mouse does lack is a Forward button to complement the Back button. It would have made a lot of sense to put it at a symmetrical position on the other side. Once again, competing products feature both a Back and Forward button.

In Conclusion
Microsoft’s Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is an excellent compact mouse with the basic and essential features. The new BlueTrack technology allows flexibility to use the mouse on a larger variety of surfaces. It’s precise, has a sleek design, and an ultra compact transceiver. The IntelliPoint software offers plenty of neat custom settings. The addition of a Forward button on the right side and a better notched scroll wheel would have been truly appreciated, however it still works. It’s available in Black, White, Ocean Teal Blue, Lime Green, and Berry Pink for a reasonable price of just $39.99. If you are looking for a new mouse to pack with you when you are on the go or for youngsters, look no further, Microsoft’s product is an excellent choice.


  • BlueTrack Technology
  • Nano USB Transceiver
  • IntelliPoint Custom Settings
  • 10-Month Battery Life


  • Too Small for Average Person
  • Side Button isn’t Left Hand Friendly
  • Oversensitive Scroll Wheel
  • Lack of Forward Button

Buy: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 for $39
Links: Mobile Mouse 4000

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