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CES 2010: LG Press Conference Live
January 6, 2010 08:32 AM

We’re at the LG Press Conference and it’s packed. Only a few could make it in, but here’s what’s happening

8:12am – At the LG Press Conference

8:15am – LG announces world’s largest commercially available 15″ widescreen OLED 3.2mm TV

8:16am – Wireless HDMI with LG TVs

8:18am – Skype HD on LG HDTVs! It’s a quick accessory you plug into a compatible TV. There’s an embedded interface to view contact list and make HD 720p video calls. The demonstration failed as the internet connection was to slow.

8:19am – LG has first wireless Blu-ray player! They only had one HDTV with wireless HDMI last year. This year they have a much larger selection.

We’re updating images soon!

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