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Google I/O Event Live Streamed
May 19, 2010 01:42 AM

Whether you’re a fan of PCs, Macs, or Linux, it is safe to say that most internet users can gather around the table and appreciate the new and exciting things that Google has to offer at this year’s Google I/O. However, if you will be unable to attend Google’s developer’s conference held at the San Francisco Moscone Center on May 19-20, Google will be doing something new this year to cater to those unable to make it to the Bay Area. They have setup their own YouTube channel allowing them to live stream both of Google I/O’s keynote speeches giving anyone in the world the opportunity to tune in to the new developments coming out of the Google camp.

The first live streamĀ  will begin Wednesday, May 19 at 9:00am and ending at 10:30am PST. If you cannot be a part of the live stream today, Google’s second keynote speech will be Thursday, May 20, starting at 8:30am and going till 10:00am PST. Although the topics of discussion have yet to be revealed, Google never disappoints, and even though there is a fair amount of buzz about what will be discussed, nothing substantial has yet to be revealed by Google. However, at 2009’s Google I/O projects such as Google Wave and Android made an appearance, both of which made huge technological developments the following year. Google will surely capitalize on the recent news that phones running Android have surpassed iPhones in sales and use this ever expanding market by finally revealing Android 2.2 (aka FroYo). Although many speculate apps for USB tethering and to turn Android-based phones into 3G hotspots are on the list, nothing is confirmed until Google gives the final say, which could very well be in a few hours.

If you will be busy during those two live streaming times, follow Google’s Twitter or Buzz for a summary of the keynote speeches as well as up to date tweets on all Google I/O news. Skatter Tech will be attending the event, relaying news and commentary as quickly as possible, so stay posted.

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