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Amazon Offers Students A Great Deal
July 12, 2010 09:00 PM

It’s been a great summer so far to be a techie. Some of the geekiest and coolest tech news has been announced in recent months, starting with E3 2010, the release of the iPhone 4 and Droid X, some epic summer games like Red Dead Redemption, and by next week, our coverage of Comic-Con 2010. We know our student readers have been hard at work with jobs and summer classes, even if this is supposed to be our “time off.” The good people here at Skatter Tech got your back, whether you’re looking for that next cool job, slaving away in a lab, or hitting those books in classes. And announced just today, Amazon has got you covered too with a completely free year of Amazon Prime just for students!

Signing up for the Amazon Student deal is as easy as you can imagine. Simply sign in to your amazon account, or create one, and provide them with your .edu email address. After a quick confirmation email, you will immediately have access to some amazing exclusive discounts and promotions. These bargains include huge savings on textbooks, mp3 players, and other accessories necessary in making a student’s life easier. A full year Premium membership will be given with no long-term commitments, including benefits like free 2-Day Shipping along with a heavily discounted $4 overnight delivery. And for you gamers out there, this means you can have that next-gen title you’ve been waiting so long for shipped immediately to you upon release date.

While it doesn’t sound like all that much is changing besides cheaper delivery, the Prime Membership is typically $79 for a year. So all you have to do is be cool and go to school in order to get a huge boost in the convenience that Amazon already proudly provides. Plus it is summer, and all of us out there suffering under the weight of higher education could use some incentive to keep up the good work. Signing up for Amazon Student took me a total of 20 seconds and it feels good knowing there is no later commitment after the year is up.

I can only imagine how many of our readers are about to get their Xbox 360 S in the next two days. Or maybe they’ll be pre-ordering Donkey Kong Country Returns, knowing they’ll be getting it right away. Who among us can honestly say we don’t need a couple of slip-and-slides? I know someone at Skatter Tech who would just love a donated Invaders Ice Tray. Whatever you’re going to get, just stop wasting your time and go enjoy the summer already with Amazon’s help!

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