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Want A Messaging Plan? AT&T Now Says It’s Either All Or Nothing
August 18, 2011 07:38 PM

I really like using the “Rethink Possible” logo as the header image for these types of AT&T articles. It is so humorously ironic.

Indeed, AT&T is once again forcing us to rethink what is possible by taking away even more possibilities. This time, it is in regards to text messaging plans. Engadget first reported yesterday the company’s plans to remove its $10 messaging plan, which offers 1,000 messages per month, leaving the unlimited plan as the only option. AT&T did not take much time confirming this report. Beginning August 21st, the changes will kick into gear and new subscribers will have to choose between all or nothing.

The “all” choices are $20 for individual unlimited text messaging or $30 for family unlimited text messaging. In just a few short days, the third option will be paying an insanely overpriced $0.20 per text message without a plan.

But there is a logical reason for this madness. AT&T is scared. Very scared. BlackBerry Messenger, Google Voice, and other services have already started to eliminate the need for any SMS communication. Facebook just released its Messenger app, further diminishing our dependency on the carriers. And to top it all off, Apple is baking their own iMessage messaging system right into iOS 5 this fall, instantly connecting millions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners for free. The texting trend is dying and AT&T does not like it one bit.

All of this translates into very simple message for the infamous carrier: profit loss. They hear the message loud and clear and have decided that it is best if we, the customers, suffer for their greed. I currently own an iPhone 4 on AT&T, and as soon as Apple released iOS 5 and iMessage, I fully intended to downgrade my text messaging plan to the $10/1,000 messages offering to save a few bucks. I can no longer do that. And while I am prepared to completely refrain from text messaging to cancel the plan altogether, AT&T still charges a fee when someone messages me.

As of now, the “all or nothing” strategy is a lose-lose situation for everyone. Except AT&T.

Link: AT&T Messaging Plans

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