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Posterous Pivots Into Spaces
September 28, 2011 09:16 AM

We recently caught up with Posterous CEO, Sachin Agarwal, at Tech Crunch Disrupt and had a chance to learn about the company’s new product, Spaces. The new service  allows users to create individual “spaces” or microblogs for each group of users in which members can share content. Along with Spaces, Posterous also refreshed its look by redesigning it’s feed and adding an activity stream.

Spaces is a departure from the original simple microblogging platform that allowed users to simply post by emailing content to a unique email address. With the introduction of Spaces, the company takes focus away from posting by email, a feature which others have implemented since. Each Space is public or private with one or more contributors. Posterous users can still share and collaborate with non-users through a unique link provided by email. The service also supports embedding multimedia in addition to uploading photos, videos, and audio.

Facebook Groups and Google+ Circles currently allow sharing with select groups, but neither allow access to a group without creating an account and nor are they primarily marketed as blogging platforms with a sharable URL. The only other microblogging platform that allows multiple blogs managed under the same account is Tumblr, Posterous’ most direct competitor. Tumblr lacks all group collaboration functionality except following public blogs.

With the revamping of its web offering, Posterous also released a new iPhone App that includes most the functionality of the website. It allows users to quickly view all their subscribed spaces, create a new space, invite others to collaborate or view, and create posts. A welcomed function is the ability to post multiple photos at once, something that took multiple emails in the past.

Posterous, founded in 2008 by Gary Tan, Sachin Agarwal, and Brett Gibson is based in San Francisco and is a YCombinator alum. With its most recent raise of a $5 million series B from Redpoint Ventures and Jafco Ventures, its total funding is $10.14 million. Earlier this year, Posterous announced a new API for third-party developers to access their full technology stack positioning themselves as a competitor to Automattic’s WordPress.

Links: Posterous | Posterous Spaces Press Release

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