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NeWs Up^2-DaTe (5)
March 18, 2005 03:43 PM

1) Google, MSN, and Yahoo! update their lists of upcoming products. Google has always had Google Labs as a result MSN started Sandbox and Yahoo! created Next.
Link: Google Labs | MSN Sandbox | Yahoo! Next

2) Fun and easy TiVo hacks with nothing needed execpt your remote control.
Link: TiVo Community | digg | +digg

3) Sony PSP is less than a week away! So PlayStation has offically launched their North American PSP site. Site includes a list games that will be released with the launch of the unit and the games to expect to be in the market very soon. The site also includes a list of accessories and the offical techinal specs.
Link: Sony-PlayStation-Portable

4) Skype In and Out. Skype has now reached over 1,000,000 SkypeOut users. SkypeOut is a paid feature to make cheap VoIp calls from your computer to any phone. Currently there are about 150,000 new users everyday and over 2 million people are always talking online. Skype also just announced their new product SkypeIn. With this feature you will be given a phone number in any area code, which you may specify. With this now, you will be able to make computer-computer calls, computer-phone calls, and phone-computer calls. You will also be able to chat as usual, send files at high speeds, and now you can recieve voicemail when you are not there.
Link: Skype | SkypeIn | SkypeOut | Skype VoiceMail

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