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March 25, 2005 10:13 PM

1) Sony PSP was launched on Thursday (24th). Sold out almost everywhere. Next shipment is not set to arrive until mid-May. According to Sony the next shipment is being sent to Europe where the units are being released some time in April. So if you were lucky enough to get one, like me, keep it. And if you have an extra one do not return it, because many people are willing to buy it for more than the regular price. See My Moblog 4 Pix. Also many people are already having defects with the units. Many are having pixel losses which means a whole row, column, or blob of pixles might just be missing. My unit was fine, but make sure you get yours replaced if this is the problem. See connect link to find out how to get movies on your PSP.
Link: Moblog | SonyStyle | Defect | Connect

2) Firefox v1.0.2 and Thunderbird v1.0.2 are Out! (See Previous Story)

3) Yahoo! announces that they will bost their free email inbox size to 1GB. They have decided to do this to keep up with Google’s Gmail service. When Gmail was launched on April 1, 2003 Yahoo! only had 4MB for each inbox, and they have been trying to keep up with other providers. Gmail is offically going public some time in April. And Yahoo! will boost their inboxes and we will most likley see the same from MSN’s Hotmail.

4) G4 cancles the former TechTV show, The Screen Savers. They have replaced it with a new show called “Attack of the Show”.

5) Firefox Plugins: FireFTP and Answers Search

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