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NeWs Up^2-DaTe (7)
April 1, 2005 06:55 PM

1) Google Gmail -> Now that almost everyone has Gmail people have been trying to do some fun things like forwarding messages to cell phones. Doing this had been hard for a while because it required some complicated programs and forwarding tricks. But now that Gmail shows you how to do it, it has become more easier. Also get ready for WAP Gmail which is currently undergoing testing. Another Gmail event occured today. They boosted their storage limit on all their accounts to 2GBs. It is also Gmails 1st anniversary after launching the whopping 1GB service on April 1st last year. Gmail is trying to stay way ahead of the game by doing this. Yahoo! just attempted to keep up by increasing their storage to 1GB this month. But now as we all know Gmail rules!
Link: Google Tutor 4 CellPhones | Gmail’s 2GB | Gmail Invites

2) MSN launches video download service. MSN has created a new download service which will allow users with Portable Media Centers, Smart Phones, and Pocket PCs to transfer up to date videos onto their devices. Many providers such as MSNBC, CNBC, FOX, iFilm, HGTV, and others will be offering their broadcasts through this service. So now you can download the latest news, which will automatically sync when the unit is connected, and transfer it to you portable unit and watch it wherever and whenever you want to.
Link: MSN Video Downloads | ZDNet News

3) TiVo starts to test TiVo Desktop 2.1. It has a great new GUI (Graphical User Interface) and supports transfer of videos onto Portable Media Centers. They also have made the DRM (Digital Rights Management) harder to crack after the first version was cracked within days. TiVo is also updating their units with new software. This software will now create a “PopUp Ad” while fast forwarding through commercials. The main reason TiVo became so popular to begin with was because of the ability to record shows, and watch them without commercials whenever you want to. This is no longer possible (until some sort of pop up blocker is relased).
Link: TiVo Desktop 2.1 | TiVo PopUp | TiVo PopUp Images

4) Skype 1.2 is Out!!! Many great new features such as: access to contact list on any computer with Skype installed, importing contacts, test calls, voicemail (optional), and many other improvements.
Link: Skype News | Download Skype

5) The creaters of “The Broken” have started “Systm” which is a new technology show very similar to the old “The Screen Savers”. The site and show should be out some time this month. Dan Huard’s Scopetech has also been up and running for a while now.
Link: The Broken | Systm | ScopeTech

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