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Text America Moblog Update
April 21, 2005 03:00 PM

TextAmerica has updated the features they provide to their free customers. One of the most popular features they are now providing for free is RSS feeds of the latest images you have posted. They have created many new themes, which support viewing full 640×480 images. TextAmerica has even formed a partnership with Digg, so all the moblog accounts will have the latest news on the main page. They have also removed all those awfull ads, and added only three small images that advertise their own service. The recent image code is now more powerfull than ever. The code allows placing 1-15 most recent images on your webpage, and they have a splash flash code which i am using in the right coulmn. TA also gives you the option to download videos and images. The videos can be up 4MB in size. I have also tried out Yahoo, Flickr, and Buzznet but I like TextAmerica the best.

Link: My Moblog | My Moblog RSS | TextAmerica | Flickr | Buzznet

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