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Software Up-Dates (1)
May 12, 2005 01:56 PM

1) Firefox v1.0.4 is out. Mozilla has fixed 3 major security holes and exploits. Everyone should update to keep their computer safe. Also if you are using the SwitchProxy extension visit the link provided to download v1.3.2. Note: The Mozilla Suite has also been updated to v1.7.8.
Link: Download Firefox | Full ChangeLog | SwitchProxy
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2) Gaim v1.3.0 is here. This update fixes some security holes that have to do with the MSN protocols, and it also fixed some of the crashing issues as well. If you don’t know what Gaim its an all-in-one open source chat client which supports chatting on AIM, MSN, YAHOO!, IRC, ICQ and more. This program is 100% adware and spyware free!
Link: Download Gaim | Change-Log
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3) AOL is working on a new version of AIM which support many new features. They are also going to integrate email into the client similar to how Yahoo and MSN do. They will also start to provide 2GBs of storage and the download will come with AOL’s own browser. The current BETA does not currently have all of these features, but will incorporate most of them very soon. This update is not going to be part of their future client called “trition”.
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4) Azureus (Java BitTorrent Client) v2.3.0.0 is out. This new version has many great new features. First it supports decentralized tracking which means if the tracker were to crash or go down for a while it will be able to continue managing and downloading the file by itself. Second they updated the personal tracker feature so that it now has RSS built in. They have also fixed many tracker bug issues. Azureus now show many more details about from whom you are downloading the file from and also shows a graphical diagram of all the people you are downloading from and uploading to.
Link: Get Azureus | JAVA Runtime
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