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Systm Videos On The PSP
May 24, 2005 03:27 PM

Systm was succesfully launched on 05/24/05! They included a Mp4 format which was encoded to support playback on the Sony PlayStation Portable. Unfortunatley the size of the file was about 50MB and most PSP owners only have a 32MB card. So to solve this problem I have converted the video to the max quality possible under 32MB. I have also created a thumbnail for the video, which Systm has not included. I have setup a bittorrent tracker, which I will be using to distrubute these files. Checkback every week because I will add the latest episodes into this format as soon as they become avaliable. Click Here to start downloading episode 1. Please seed this file after your are done downloading.
Link: My Torrent Tracker | Systm.org
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