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AIM Crashin’ Exploit
June 8, 2005 01:11 PM

A new AIM exploit/bug will allow anyone to crash anyone’s AIM client by just chatting with them. It works by using buddy icon which is modified, so that when the person chatting with you views the icon their client instantly crashes. Luckily for those smart enought to be using Trillian or Gaim to avoid all the adware, it wil not affect you. To crash your friend’s computer do the following:
1) Download this icon. (right-click -> save as)
2) Set it as your budding icon.
3) Say “hi” to who ever’s AIM client you want 2 crash.
4) They should log off within a few seconds.
Note: You can only crash other people’s clients if you are using either Trillian or Gaim. Also site not responsible if AIM accounts are suspended or any damage to any computers. This hack was found on multiple websites, each claiming credit as their own, so if anyone wants credit place a link to the article in the comments.
Link: Trillian | Gaim | AIM

Warning: Please do not use this to crash other people’s computers or clients without their consent. This is just causing harm to the AIM community. This has only been posted as a way of spreading techology news and for testing purposes. Users who have used this hack multiple times will have their account suspended or eventually closed.

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