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Carnival Cruises Now Have WiFi
June 29, 2005 08:34 AM

Carnival Cruises will start to provide WiFi access through out the entire ship very soon. In the past wired internet access was avaliable, but only to some confined rooms. (which also had limits on the max computers connected at a time) But now, WiFi will be accessable from “bow to stern, in all cabins and decks”. There are no specific details on speeds or even pricing (or whether it might be included w/ ticket cost), but will be announced soon.
Many convention sponsorers are planning on hosting major events on these cruise lines, because internet is the only thing required to communicate with the ouside world. Generally when cruise ships get far away from shore, cell phone signals are lost and making calls from wired phones are expensive. But with WiFi everywhere, anyone can make VOIP calls using clients such as Skype. (or just chat..)

Update: (07/01/05) New details have been revealed which states that the Carnival Valor has installed over 200 access points throughout the ship. Also no offical price announcements, but some sites are stating that a minute of usage will cost about $0.25!

Link: eWeek | NetStumbler

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