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TV Tuner 4 The PSP?
June 23, 2005 08:34 PM

Sony has been demo/test-ing a Memory Stick TV tuner adaptor for a few years now. It was originaly meant for the Sony CLIE (Palm-based handheld), which was soon discontinued. The tuner card in the picture is for the standard memory stick card. This will not work with the duo cards that the PSP uses, but this shows that Sony is very close and is possible. Will most likley be better on the Memory Stick Duo because it supports much higher data transfer speeds. The card will be an off air tuner which will be controlled by a little app running on the device using it. But for now, a 1GB card is the best way to get media onto your PSP for most people. (can listen to music, watch movies, look at pictures, play games, and more… just by using memory sticks!)

Other related news: Sony will be launching the PSP in Europe on September 1st and they are planning to launch 20 Games and 10 UMD Movies. (No estimates on when Sony will start to re-stock the U.S.)

Update: Thanx 4 the links digg! Also check out PSP Hacker (they currently host the PSP swaploit memory stick hack) they seem to have posted a link to the same thing.

Update: (10/01/05) This image is for real, but is a 100% concept model. Sony for now has actually planned on looking towards distrubuting free and paid media through a webportal that the PSP v2.0s can access through their browsers via WiFi. These will include movie trailers, movies, music videos, podcasts, paid music, music, and plenty of other audio/video products.

Link: Kotaku | BargainPDA
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