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July 16, 2005 09:12 PM
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1) Yahoo releases a new version of Yahoo Desktop Search BETA. It now supports searching through Mozilla Thunderbird emails. It also does Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, PDF (inside), Music (album/artist), Instant Messages (Y!M), and Images.
Link: Yahoo Desktop Search
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2) Panaroma image of the Live 8 concert in Philly! Also use AutoStitch to make your own panaroma images with any standard digital camera. Also can use PhotoShop or other stitch enabled programs.
Link: Make your own | Live 8 Pan | AutoStitch
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3) TiVo – Convert shows transfered to your computer using TiVo2Go into RAW MPEG with this program. Direct Show Dump requires TiVo 2 Go to be installed and it uses some “filters” to dump the show into an DRM free video. Note: there has been some recent problems with people not able to access TiVo 2 Go it has nothing to do with what this artice is about, but some update seems to have corrupted many people’s TiVo which is not allowing transfers.
Link: DirectShow Dump | PSPVideo9 (.tivo 2 .mp4 for PSP)

4) – An amazing podcast management website. How it works: register, choose the podcast you want to listen to, if it isn’t on the list submit the RSS feed yourself, listen to the feed on their website using a flash script, or install their little application that automatically downloads all the podcasts you have subscribed to. Very nice web interface, it allows the creaters of the podcast to insert links, logos, and customize the feed to their liking.
Link: ODEO | Top 40 | Sahas Katta on ODEO

5) Verizon and Sprint are teaming up to allow all their customers to send text, picture, and video messages to eachother. In the past only sending messages within a network was supported, but this is all changing now. T-Mobile has made an agreement with Cingular/At&t to allow the same features to be shared. It won’t take long until all the major provides agree and allow compatibility among themselves.
Link: Wireless Week | digg | +digg

Skype v1.3.0.57 (free voip)
Thunderbird 1.05 (trash MS Outlook)
Firefox 1.0.5 (trash MS IE)

Recent Media:
From The Shadows BOX 4
Command-N 5.0
DiggNation Video #2
DiggNation Audio #3
Systm 3.0 filming has begun
TWiT #13 is OUTdl – (Yoshi is on #14)

Google just updated their popular Adsense control panel. It now has a new theme and has many items re-arranged. They also have a preview of recent earnings as soon as you long in. – link

Sony beats Apple in race for selling the most portable flash audio devices. The Sony NW line beats the iPod shuffle in style, performance, features, and battery life. – link

Note: I have many new posts comming soon! some include OLED Keyboard, DVDs on PSPs, a PSP exploit video, Mp3 Player review, and bands.

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