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Multiplayer PSP Hack Video
August 22, 2005 10:58 PM

In April 2005, I wrote the “PSP Multiplayer With One Game” article. It was an extreme hit, which drew over 30,000 views. The article simple explained the step-by-step procedure to play a multiplayer game on a PSP when only one copy of the game is available. (link provided below) Recently, many have claimed that the procedure written is no longer applicable to firmware v1.52., and that players can no longer see eachother in the game. This isn’t true it’s still possible and this video will demonstrate it. To make this easier for everyone I have created a 3-minute long video which goes through the process. The video demonstrates how to perform this “hack” with Twisted Metal. Please feel free to download this video and spread it as you would like. A summarized procedure is at the bottom of this post.

Download: PSPMultiPlayerHack.wmv
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Format: Windows Media Video (WMV)
Size: ~25MB
Resolution: 640×480
Copyright: Creative Commons Liscense


Step-By-Step Procedure: (Twisted Metal w/ 2 PSPs)

1) Startup both PSPs and place the game into PSP #1.
2) Start an Ad Hoc game, create a server, and choose your settings.
3) Set time limit to unlimited (recommended), only because it takes a while to load the game in to PSPs since we only have 1 copy of the game.
4) Choose your car, but don’t start the game.
5) Remove the UMD & say no to quitting game.
6) Start the game in PSP #2 and go to multiplayer.
7) Enter the Ad Hoc mode and enter the server created by PSP #1.
8) Choose your car, but don’t start the game.
9) Remove the UMD & say not 2 exit game.
10) Place it back into PSP #1 and enter game
11) Once loaded take it out & and say no 2 quitting.
12) Put it back into PSP #2 and enter the game.
13) You should now be able to play eachother.

Link: Original PSP Multiplayer With One Game Article

Notice: If this for some reason does happen to damage or brick your PSP, Skatter Tech is not responsible. As always follow this guide at your own risk. From our experience we use this method all the time and have never had any issues. No complains received yet either.

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