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Sony Announces USA PSP Fimware v2.0 Date
August 1, 2005 08:11 PM

Sony has apparently released the offical date for the USA PSP Firmware v2.0 launch date. There are no sites except IGN that has posted this as an offical announcement from Sony at the momment. The only other place that this “offical announcement” was found was on a few Sony USA Playstation Message Boards. So we do not know if this is 100% legit. The “offical” message is below (as is):

This summer, the PSP, (PlayStation Portable) is redefining entertainment on the go, with a truly portable movie, music, and gaming experience. That entertainment experience is going to get better! on August 12, consumers in North America will be able to download a new update which includes a Web browser enabling them to read news, search for information and check their Internet-based e-mail accounts through an available Wi-Fi network.. In addition to the Web browser, the PSP firmware upgrade 2.0 includes other cool features such as enhanced video and audio playback, photo sharing options, broader network connectivity, and a customizable interface to suit each user’s personal style. This upgrade is part of the long-term strategy for bringing consumers the only truly integrated entertainment platform on the go through PSP.
As you may have noticed, this week, Sony Computer Entertainment made this PSP 2.0 firmware upgrade available for download for the Japanese market. Many North American consumers have downloaded the upgrade onto their North American PSPs, however, we recommend that they download the version that will be made available in mid-August, which has been fully tested and authorized for use with North American PSPs. Downloading unauthorized software will void the PSP’s warranty. The PSP firmware 2.0 update will be available for download directly to PSP units using any 802.11b Wi-Fi connection (and the Network Update feature) or from a PC at using a USB 2.0 connection. The Web browser will also be available in select PSP games coming out this fall.

New features that will be available in the PSP Firmware 2.0 update include:
Portable Internet
Bringing the Internet with you is easier than ever with the new PSP 2.0 Firmware upgrade. A new Cross Media Bar (XMBâ„¢) icon will be added to your PSP. That new globe-shaped icon will be called [Network] and will feature easy, one-button access to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection. With all of the elements you’d normally expect with an Internet browser such as bookmarks, Forward button, Back, button, Refresh, Home, History, and active cursors, consumers will have the Internet at their fingertips.
Personalize Your PSP
One of the coolest new features that comes with the upgrade is Wallpaper, which will allow people to customize and create their own backgrounds on the PSP’s much talked about 16:9 TFT LCD widescreen display. Users can take any image such as a favorite sports car, celebrity, family member or game character that will be the first thing seen when firing up PSP or scrolling through entertainment options. PSP owners can use their favorite personal picture or image from their favorite Web sites just like if there were on a home PC!
Home movies become widescreen cinema quality experiences as the new upgrade supports the codec known as “AVC” will allow users to view their video files through the PSP video player. AVC is the same open standard, high resolution, widescreen format used in UMD Video.
New video features makes viewing UMD movies even easier. A new “Go To” function will allow users to skip to any part of the movie by the second, minute, or even hour. This feature would be especially useful when searching for a specific part of a clip within a movie or video.
Rather than having to play straight through a UMD video, a new A-B Repeat function will allow users to continuously loop during a select time period.
4:3 Screen mode will be added as a saved video data playback feature to provide more options for viewing stored videos.
Expanded audio options will be added as a saved video data playback feature.
MP4 (AAC) and WAV (LPCM) formats will be supported by the PSP music player.
Image transfer between two PSP will be made easier via a new infrared feature. PSP owners will have the ability to easily share their digital images without the use of wires or swapping their Memory Stick PRO Duoâ„¢ media.
PSP will support additional formats including TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP enabling users to view a variety of images through the PSP image viewer.
New icon added to the XMB will enable users to connect to Wi-Fi networks (including those that employ a WPA-PSK (TKIP) security mechanism) for Internet browsing.
Setting up a Network Connection will become easier due to improved navigation and controls and a redesigned look and feel.
Language Support:
Additional language support includes a Character Set that will be added to support display and recognition of character for each system language. Korean will be added as an optional system language, and input modes will be added to the On-screen Keyboard allowing users to activate special characters for certain languages.

Link: IGN | (+) digg
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Update: IGN claims that if you have already updated the U.S. PSP to v2.0 w/ the Japanese Firmware, you will still be able to install the USA v2.0 Firmware when it comes out. So if some of you can’t wait a few days then update to the Japanese version until the 12th.

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