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September 16, 2005 05:25 PM
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1) Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 has been released. Some of the changes are proxy crash prevention, hostname hyphen buffer fix, external URL fix, and a few other security fixes. This update mainly fixes minor bugs, which shouldn’t be a major problem for too many users. Firefox v1.5 should be released some time soon and is expected to include some great new features.
Link: Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 | ChangeLog
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2) Google WiFi VPN – This new BETA service is meant to help secure browsing data for those who are browsing the web in public areas. This “Secure Access” program will encrypt and push all requested traffic through Google’s servers and send it back. This will keep it safe from others, who may be trying to steal information, but is always going to be logged by Google! This is a great method to protect yourself even though the browsing speeds will be drastically slower.
Link: Google WiFi Secure Access Installer | FAQs
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3) iTunes 5.0.1 has been released only a few days after 5.0 was launched. There were apparently many minor bugs in the program that could cause some users problems. Most people probably didn’t experience any problems, but everyone should update to prevent facing problems in the future. You may update directly from the iTunes program (Help -> Check 4 Update…), or follow the link below.
Link: Apple iTunes v5.0.1
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4) Dell DJ Ditty launched to compete with the Apple iPod Shuffle. This unit is available in 512MB, but will also be avaliable in 1GB later. The “Ditty” is Microsoft Play4Sure DRM enabled, which will allow transfering music between any Windows subscribtion services. This Mp3 player also has a small monochrome screen for viewing song name, artist, album, and other details. Another feature the Ditty has that the iPod Shuffle doesn’t is a FM tuner. (The Ditty is currently priced at $99, which is same as the 512MB shuffle)
Link: BetaNews |
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5) LG VX8900 to hit Verizon Wireless stores soon! – This phone is a smart-phone style, which flips open. The internal LCD is 320×256 pixels and the external LCD is 160×128 pixels. The phone also has EV-DO, Bluetooth, Stereo Speakers, Speakerphone, 1.3 megapixel camera w/ Flash, and a miniSD card slot. The phone will also work as an Mp3 player and includes vCast, which will allowing watching news, weather reports, sport clips, trailers and more. The phone will go on sale September 26th, 2005 for about $299.99 without any contracts. This is probably going to be one of Verizon’s best phone yet!
Link: PhoneScoop | Engadget (more photos)

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