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iPod Video Finally Released
October 13, 2005 04:06 PM

Apple unveiled a new product on Wednesday (10/12/05). The new item was the long awaited Video iPod. There had been rumors about a video iPod for over a year. There were rumors about this product for over a year now and it has finally been released. This iPod is also meant to replace all current standard iPods. The new Apple line-up consists of the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Video.

“Yes, it does video,” Steve Jobs, Apple CEO

The new iPod (video iPod) looks very similar to the iPod Nanos, except the unit is slightly bigger and has a wide screen display. (Also comes in black and white). This iPod has a standard HD like previous iPods, only the iPod Nanos have flash drives in them. The iPod video is actually thinner than the current 20GB iPod. The unit has a 2.5″ TFT screen and is 320×240 pixels (260k colors). There is a video-out jack for connecting the iPod to TVs to display videos and photos. The iPod Video supports playing MPEG-4 and H.264 codec. There are many programs that can convert to these formats, but if you are an iPod owner I recommend purchasing QuickTime Pro which has specific settings that will ensure compatibility with your iPod.

The iPod video comes in a 60GB model for $399 and a 30GB model for $299. Apple has started to sell high quality music videos on the iTunes music store for $1.99. iTunes also has many TV shows (ABC), which also are currently priced at $1.99. Many iPod Nano owners had constant issues with the screen scratching easily and since the iPod Video has the same surface; Apple has included a protective case to help prevent damaging your screen.

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