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TiVo & Yahoo Team Up!
November 7, 2005 05:54 PM

Yahoo + TiVo

TiVo and Yahoo announced partnership on Monday that would allow all TiVo Series 2 owners to schedule shows onto their unit through “Yahoo TV” ( In the past TiVo customers had to visit TiVo’s website to schedule shows, but this can now be accomplished easily through your Yahoo! Account. Yahoo TV is much more interactive with webpage, with plenty of reviews, ratings, guides, program information and more, unlike TiVo’s current web interface.

“Working with Yahoo is another way for us to deliver the best way to watch television and give viewers control of the television experience,” Tom Rogers – TiVo CEO.

When a TiVo customer, who is hooked up to either DSL or Cable, schedules a show it will be entered into your TiVo’s “ToDo List,” within 2 hours. (unfortunately ~36hrs if on dial up) The reasons for creating this new service include getting TiVo customers to use Yahoo’s free services as well as to get Yahoo’s customers to purchase TiVo units. Yahoo also announced that TiVo customers should start to see Yahoo content such as traffic, weather, music, photos, possibly email and more soon. They also said they are working technologies to search for and download videos directly from Yahoo for local playback.

To get started make sure you have a working Yahoo Account (if not create one). The first time you set this service up, you will need to enter your username and password to get access to your TiVo. In the future just logging into you Yahoo account will get you access to you TiVo’s online scheduling capabilities.

Link: Yahoo TV Sign Up Page | TiVo Central Online
Coverage: BetaNews | NewsCom | Gizmodo
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