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Autofill v.25 for Firefox v1.5
December 8, 2005 05:15 PM

Autofill v.25

Autofill is one of the simplest form filler extensions available for Firefox. The last version released by the creators was v.2 in August 2004. This edition was originally created to only work with Firefox releases before version 1.0. I opened up the extension and made a few tweaks to enable it to work with Firefox 1.5. We have not had any bug issues since we started to test it out, but please report any in the comments or directly contact the creator. Autofill’s offical webpage is If you have upgraded to Firefox v1.5 and Autofill v.2 has become a faded item in the Extensions list you can just click install on this site and it should overide the old version for your. (allow to install this extension or just save it)

Autofill v.2 and v.25 Feature List:

  • Auto highlight of all fillable forms
  • Unlimited custom profiles
  • Toolbar Button
  • Credit Card filler (w/ password protection)
  • See the offical website for full list

Install (or save): autofill_25.xpi
Link: Autofill HomePage | Mozilla Update
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Update: Autofill v0.3 Offically Released w/ Firefox 1.5 Compatibility

(Note: This site has nothing to do with the creators of Autofill and is not responsible for any damage caused by using this product. There are only few version tweaks been made to support FF v1.5. No core software content has been modified.)

Update: If the “OK” button wasn’t working it was probably because an older users session didn’t exist on you computer. To make it work read this. Install the extension provided above for Firefox 1.5. Restart Firefox and try to enter a profile if it doesen’t work do the following. Go to “C:\” in My Compter and open the “Documents and Settings” folder. Go to the user you are currently logged onto or Administrator. Next open the “Application Data” folder. (if you can not see it enable hidden folders by going to tools > folder options… > view > advance settings > show hidden files and folders) Now open the “Mozilla” folder and the “Firefox” folder inside that. Enter the “Profiles” folder and open your profile folder. Now you should see a “prefs.js” file in there. Open the doc with NotePad or another editor and fill in your personal information in the fields shown on mozillaZine’s Forum.

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