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Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.0
December 13, 2005 06:36 PM

Widget Engine 3.0

On Monday, 12/12/05, Yahoo! launched the Widget Engine 3.0 which is based off Konfabulator, a company they boughtout in July 2005. This is the first new version that has been launched since the acquisition. The original name of Konfabulator has been changed to Yahoo! Widgets. Along with the update comes nine new Yahoo! Widgets, which are all connected to Yahoo services in one way or another. The product has been downloaded over 1.5 million times since it was acquired by Yahoo! and over 10 million widgets have been downloaded since then. If you don’t know what widgets are, they are small items that appear on your desktop that can display all sorts of information such as weather, news, time, battery life, and more. This program runs on both Windows and Macintosh machines and both have about 2,000 widgets available to download.

“Yahoo! Widgets allow consumers to always have the information and content they want close at hand and is just one example of the ways we’re able to make Yahoo!’s services and content available to users when, where and how they want,” Jerrell Jimerson, VP of Connected Life at Yahoo.

Some New Widget Features:

  • Yahoo Maps – allows accessing Yahoo maps directly from your desktop.
  • Picture Frame – can access Flickr, Yahoo Photos, and desktop photos.
  • Search – a simple Yahoo search form.
  • Mail – displays the number of unread messages in your Yahoo Mail.
  • Notepad – syncs with Yahoo! Notes to create and save notes.

Link: Yahoo! Widgets | Widget Gallery | ChangeLog
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