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Extend Firefox Contest Finalists
February 13, 2006 09:45 AM

FireFox Add-Ons

Mozilla recently held a contest for programmers to create the best extension they could for Firefox 1.5. They wanted to create incentives for developers to create extensions that would be useful to the majority of Firefox users. When the contest was over about 200 Extensions had been submitted to the contest. Only 18 finalists remain. Mozilla will give the Top 3 Winners prizes such as an AlienWare Aurora 7500 PC. Another 8 will receive an Apple iPod Nano and a $250 gift certificate. The 18 chosen Extensions are on Mozilla’s Add-Ons page. They have full descriptions of each item and screen shots of the program in action. The list below consists of the current 18 finalists. (Items on the list were accurate as of 02/13/06, however items may change. Check Mozilla’s page for updates.)

List of Extend Firefox Contest Finalists:

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