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Royale Theme For XP
February 28, 2006 10:23 AM

Royale Theme For XP

Tried of the boring old Windows XP theme? Want something new? You can now make any Windows XP Home or Pro machine look like the Windows Media Center Edition’s glossy theme. (called “Royale”) Microsoft has created a small shell file extension. The download and installation files are only about 2mb. The theme may take up slightly more memory than the standard XP theme, but is probably un-noticeable.

To install, download the .exe provided below and when it asks you where to install the files make sure “C:WINDOWS” is selected. If you choose “C:WINDOWS” the files will automatically be placed in the “Resources” Folder in you computer. To activate the theme just right-click on you desktop -> Properties -> Appearance -> Windows and Buttons -> select [Media Center Style]. Hit apply and wait a momment it to fully load.

Download: RoyaleThemeForXP.exe
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Update: Black Royale Theme Now Available

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