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TiVo Mobile + Verizon
March 7, 2006 06:31 AM

TiVo  Mobile w/ Verizon

On Tuesday (03/06/06), TiVo announced that they will soon start to offer their subscribers the ability to access all their recorded shows from Verizon cell phones. TiVo has made plans with Verizon Wireless and together they plan to offer streaming content probably through VCast technology. VCast currently offers subscribers a large collection of music and video clips which are streamed directly to their phones. TiVo stated that they plan to call the service TiVo Mobile. The full contract between TiVo and Verizon was not publicized, but at the momment Verizon will be the only provider offering this. (TiVo also plans to provide content to PSPs and iPods soon.)

“TiVo isn’t just about a great way to watch television but it’s also about a great way to manage your TV life, and to do that, we realize TiVo can’t be isolated. It has to be integrated with all these other digital devices in people’s lives,” Tom Rogers, TiVo CEO

TiVo previously made deals with Yahoo!, which allows scheduling shows right from Yahoo TV ( With TiVo Mobile, members can schedule shows on-the-go right from their cell phones and even watch them once they have been recorded. Verizon customers can begin to download the program in early summer through Verizon’s “Get It Now”. Pricing has not been announced, but should be soon.

Link: TiVo | Verizon Wireless | Yahoo TV
Media: Yahoo News | USA Today | TiVo Press
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