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Digg This Bookmarklet
June 18, 2006 06:33 PM

Since Digg has not officially released their API to the public it has hard for developers to create applications to work easily with Digg. There have been many extensions which have allowed Digg users to easily submit stories to digg; however most of these have either been limited to certain operating systems and/or browsers. Therefore I made this little universal JavaScript Bookmarklet, which will automatically submit the URL of the page your browser is currently on, to Digg. The Digg This Bookmarklet has been tested and has functioned successfully with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari, however it has not yet been tested with any other browsers. If you have found new compatibility, have any suggestions/fixes, or have found any issues please reply in the comments.

Digg This Bookmarklet

To add the “Digg This Bookmarklet” to your bookmarks do the following:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Drag and drop the digg logo onto your bookmarks toolbar. Or Right-click on the digg logo and “Bookmark this link”
  • Internet Explorer: Right-click on this link and press “Add to Favorites”
  • Apple Safari: Drag and drop the digg logo onto the bookmarks toolbar.

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