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Stream iTunes To PSP, Part 2
June 25, 2006 05:20 AM

Stream iTunes To PSP, Part 2

A few months ago we published an article entitled How To: “Stream Your iTunes Library To PSP“. The article, which demonstrated how to share music from your windows machine to your PlayStation Portable (PSP), became an extreme hit. Today we are here to demonstrate a new alternative, which is in fact more powerful and functions smoothly on both Windows and Macintosh machines. After reading through this tutorial, you will be able to easily stream as much DRM-Free music as you want from any networked computer to your Playstation Portable (PSP) via WiFi.

The software we are using today, MyTunesRSS, has been developed by our friends at Codewave Software. This new MyTunesRSS software is completely free and offers even more features than the software used in our previous tutorial. To use this application you will need the items mentioned below. (MyTunesRSS is currently on v2.1)

To get started you’ll need the following:

  • PSP with Firmware 2.60/2.70 or Above
  • Networked XP Pro/Home or Mac OS X
  • Java Runtime 1.5 or Above Installed
  • WiFi (802.11b-compatible) Network Router
  • Apple iTunes v6.0.4 or Above Installed
  • DRM-Free Songs In The iTunes Library

The 3-Setup Procedure:

1) Download MyTunesRSSwin.zip to your desktop. Unzip (extract) all contents into a new folder. Open it folder, but do not modify its contents.
2) Press on the on the MyTunesRSS Icon and wait until it starts up.
3) Under General -> iTunes browse to the location of your “iTunes Music Library.xml”. (Usually located in My Documents -> My Music -> iTunes.)

1) Download MyTunesRSSmac.zip. Extract all contents into a new folder.
2) Open the folder, press on MyTunesRSS, and wait for it to start up.
3) Under General -> iTunes browse to the location of your “iTunes Music Library.xml”. (This is normally located in Music -> iTunes)

Final Setup Steps (mac and win):
1) Choose a port number such as “1234” and enter any password.
2) Under Options -> Automation, check Auto Update Database (10 mins).
3) Open any standard browser (IE/Safari/Firefox) and enter either http://localhost:[port number] (ex: http://localhost:1234) or the URL displayed on the General Tab. A MyTunesRSS page should appear shortly.

Note: If you successfully accomplished the above (without any errors), you may proceed to the next step. If you do run into errors make sure you meet the requirements and are using the correct software for your OS. If the MyTunesRSS page didn’t appear, open the port you choose previously and give MyTunesRSS permission to access the web in your firewall settings.

PSP Setup Procedure:
1) PSP should already be setup on your LAN and should be able to access the web, if so start up your PSP and go to Network -> Internet Browser.
2) Enter “http://[IP Address]:[Port Number]” into your PSP Browser. “IP Address” represents the IP of the machine running the MyTunesRSS server and the “Port Number” is the number you selected during setup. URL can also be found under “General” in MyTunesRSS. (ex:
3) Once the MyTunesRSS page appears, enter your password and login.
4) Browse around and select the RSS icon on any playlist/album/artist and say “Yes” to “Add This Channel” to your PSP’s RSS Channel.
5) Close your PSP browser and go to Network -> RSS Channel. Select an item you had added to your library and enjoy the music!

Note: If the previous procedure didn’t work, make sure you followed all the instructions properly and that your firewall settings are properly configured. Also note that this will not work for music purchased on the iTunes Music Store and will only work on any DRM-free music. This tutorial only demonstrated how to access your music on your LAN, if you wish to access it from “hotspots” or elsewhere you will need to do a little port forwarding in your router.

Downloads: MyTunesRSS (by CodeWave) | Support Forum
Links: Stream iTunes Library To PSP, Pt. 1 | Digg This Article

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