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Writely: Now Open!
August 21, 2006 06:22 PM

WritelyWritely, an online word processor, was acquired by Google in January 2006. (more info here) Since then the service has been offered to the public, but on an invite-only basis. But last week Google finally finished moving servers and opened Writely up for the public. Unlike other Google Products, which require use or creation of a free Google Account, Writely is available for everyone. To register click here, enter your email address, pick a password, and done!

The “web word processor” is still in beta, therefore there are many changes that must be made. Google’s first step will probably be to transfer all user accounts onto the “Google Account” system. (Google is in the process of moving Blogger over) Another step would probably be to change the GUI to look more like Google Spreadsheets. Anyways give this service a try, its great way of accessing your documents when your away from your machine. Now all we need is Google Presentations (aka. PowerPoint).

Link: Writely | Sign Up Now
Realted: Google Acquires Writely

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