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Windows XP – Zune Theme
November 5, 2006 04:09 AM

Windows XP Zune Theme

Are you a sick of the current Windows XP theme? Well you are in luck. Microsoft has released a second theme package for WinXP called the “Zune Theme”, which was created to help promote their iPod-like mp3 player, the Zune. Other than for the background, which can obviously be changed, there is no hidden Zune advertising embedded anywhere. The theme is simply a modification of the Royale Theme, which we mentioned earlier this year, except that it is a glossy black theme instead of blue.

Installation is quite simple. Just run the “.msi” installation file and once complete right-click on your anywhere desktop and select properties. Choose the “Appearance” tab and under “Windows and Buttons” select the new style. Hit apply and wait a few seconds for the theme to load.

(P.S. Click image at the top to get a larger view of the new Zune Theme in action)

Download: ZuneDesktopTheme.msi
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