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February 26, 2007 01:12 AM

Oscars Apple iPhone Commercial

Today, during the 79th annual Oscars, Apple aired their first iPhone “teaser” commercial. The AD features ~30 different movie clips of famous actors through many eras simply saying “hello” on phones. Also if you didn’t notice, which most people probably won’t, the “cingular” text on the phone from the original press release has now changed to At&t due to the change of the company name after the merger.

Apple originally announced the iPhone this year in January during MacWorld 2007, however the device will only be available to consumers in mid-June 07. The iPhone will only be available through one service provider, Cingular, after launch. Apple however has hinted that it may become available through other providers within a year after launch.

In other iPhone news, Apple recently settled their trademark lawsuit with Cisco last week. The two companies came to an agreement to share the name and both are free to use the name for any of their products. Cisco is currently using the name, iPhone, for their line of Linksys VoIP phones.

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