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Media Temple Grid-Server v1.2
February 24, 2007 01:12 AM

Grid Server v1.2

Media Temple (mt) customers are in for a treat. The recently launched GRID server is getting a second major upgrade, v1.2. All customers using the new Grid-Server (gs) will soon receive an update which will consist of many stability enhancements, “micro-updates”, user request implementations, bug fixes, and plenty of new features.

GMR v1.2 System Upgrade:

  • Over 800+ Core count cluster – faster than ever
  • MySQL GridContainers – currently private beta only
  • Email Upgrades – performance, spam, virus scan, & security
  • FTP Update – faster connection and transfer rates
  • Storage Performance – around 400% faster data access
  • Network Speed Increase, DNS cluster, and much more!

We left our previous host, 1and1, we joined Media Temple in September 2006. Since then we have been quite satisfied with their service and the peformance of their servers. (great customer service too!) Anyways, Media Temple will be rolling out the new GMR v1.2 update on 03/02/07 (friday), a week from today, and no action is required on your end.

Links: Media Temple | GMR v1.2 Info

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