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March 10, 2007 06:10 PM

Daylight Saving Time Clock

For United States residents only – Due to Daylight Saving Time, be sure to set all your clocks ahead an hour tonight. This year daylight saving time will begin on March 11, which is three weeks earlier than last year’s, and end five days later than last year on November 4th.

Most Windows XP / Vista and Macintosh OS X computers should not be an issue. Both Microsoft and Apple have released special daylight saving time patches. Just to be safe be sure to run either the Windows Update or the Apple Updater to retrieve the fix. Cell phones will automatically jump to the proper time at around 2:00AM, when they receive the new time from the cell phone towers as long as the service provider don’t run into any problems. Atomic clocks will automatically update themselves. Other devices such as TiVos should be patched in time, since most companies are taking this new daylight saving time issue seriously.

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