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Warhawk: $39 on 8/28 (PS3)
August 6, 2007 02:00 AM

Warhawk - PS3
The long awaited mass-multiplayer game, Warhawk, is finally ready for launch! The game, which is a remake of game on the PlayStation One, now supports battling on foot as well as in jeeps, tanks, and planes. Players connected to the PlayStation Network can create and join arenas with up to 32 others. Warhawk will also truly utilize the PS3’s SIXAXIS motion sensors to perform tasks such as maneuvering aircrafts. Unfortunately this will not be one of of those “Full 1080 HD” games we’ve been waiting for since it will be rendered in 720p like most games on the market.

Warhawk - Tank

Warhawk - Two Player

Anyways as stated in the title the game will be available at the end of this month, August 28th. Sony also stated in there most recent press release that the game would be available online from PSN and in retail stores. The downloadable version will cost only $39 while the boxed retail edition will be priced at $59 since it includes developer interviews, original sketches, trailers, and videos. In addition to the extra digital content the in store edition will include a “free” Jabra BT 125 Bluetooth headset, which normally retails for about $25 – $35, to promote voice chatting.

Pre-Order: Warhawk w/ Headset $59 (FREE SHIPPING)
Links: Warhawk Official Site | PlayStation Blog

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