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Backup Firefox & Thunderbird
September 8, 2007 07:02 PM

Firefox and Thunderbird Updates

If you use either Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird, you have most likely never backed up your browser’s settings and bookmarks or your email client’s accounts and messages. This is because neither client includes a built in backup function and the majority of users don’t wast time trying to figure out how to do so. Although browser backup consists mainly of bookmarks and isn’t as important, archiving your important emails is. The solution, MozBackup, a freeware application which allows backing up and restoring “bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, and cache” from Thunderbird and Firefox.

Backup Instructions:

  1. Download MozBackup and Install It (windows only)
  2. Close all Applications, especially Firefox and Thunderbird
  3. Run MozBackup and select either Firefox or Thunderbird
  4. Select a profile (normally is called ‘default’)
  5. Pick a place to save the backup file and press ‘Next’
  6. Enter a password when prompted if backing up emails
  7. Choose the items you wish to backup and hit ‘Next’
  8. After a few moments, you backup should be Complete!

We suggest moving the file over to a CD, DVD, flash drive, or another hard drive. If your desktop or laptop is physically damaged, those backup files will be not accessible if they are still on your primary HDD. When restoring proceed through the instructions provided above in the same order, except choose the “Restore” option when selecting the application in Step 3.

Download: MozBackup | Link: More Information (screenshots)

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