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Creative Introduces 32GB ZEN!
December 3, 2007 12:21 PM

Creative Zen 32GB

Earlier today, Creative Technology announced a 32GB edition of their flash-based credit card-sized Creative ZEN. Other than for the larger capacity, the ZEN doesn’t seem to have changed a bit from the 4GB/8GB/16GB models, which we reviewed last month. The ZEN features a 2.5-inch display, has a FM radio, voice recorder, SD expansion, and can playback music/photos/videos. As a bonus, it will support listening to unprotected media from Amazon MP3 and iTunes Plus. Creative hasn’t yet stated when the 32GB ZEN will be available in the United States, but it will hit stores by mid-December in Singapore. According to Creative’s press release, the player will cost $549 Singapore Dollars which converts to approximately $380 US Dollars. For more information on the Creative ZEN, checkout our in depth review.

Note To Apple: When will we be getting our 32GB flash-memory iPod Touch???

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