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Video: Install Movable Type In 3 Steps
September 15, 2009 08:49 AM

Movable Type LogoLast week we posted a quick video tutorial entitled, “Installing WordPress In 40 Seconds.” A few of you folks emailed in asking if there was something similar for Movable Type, so I decided to make one. With this script, you can have the latest version of Movable Type installed on your server in just 3 steps.

Things you’ll need:

  • SSH Server Access
  • SSH Client

If you need an SSH Client, on Windows machines I recommend PuTTY. It’s less than 1MB and doesn’t even need installation. If you are on Linux or Macintosh, you are fortunate enough to have a Terminal built right in. Now connect to your web server and login. Then browse to the folder of the domain you wish to install Movable Type. For the rest, just watch the video below!

The Code From Video:
wget http://skatter.com/files/2009/09/mtinstall.sh
chmod 700 mtinstall.sh

That’s just about it. Movable Type should have been installed to the proper location. Just follow wizard Movable Type provides in the web interface to configure your database settings. Once complete, you should be setup and ready to blog with Movable Type!

Links: MovableType.org | Official Install Steps
Video: Watch on Vimeo

This will work great for those using Media Temple as their host, since they don’t have a 1-Click App for Movable Type.

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