Our Audience

Founded in 2005, Skatter Tech is a top source for all things tech. With thousands of unique daily visitors and even more page views, our publication targets a large global demographic including everyone from tech enthusiasts to entrepreneurs, brands, PR agencies, advertisers, students, and journalists.

  • We’re a trusted source — Publications including CNN Fortune, Engadget, Gizmodo, eWeek, Lifehacker, PC World, Mashable, InformationWeek, and many more have featured our content with attribution.
  • Our readers are active on the go — Nearly 51% of our mobile readers use Android devices. 24% use an iPhone, 10% have an iPod, and 8% use an iPad. About 4% use BlackBerry.
  • We reach a global audience — With emerging countries rapidly adopting broadband and wireless handhelds, a word-wide audience is important. 65% of our visitors are from the United States.
  • Our readers are ready for products & services — About 77% run on Windows and 12% run on Macintosh. Over 70% access our publication through a high-speed broadband connection.
  • We influence customer decisions — Our quality reviews are highly ranked in search engines, which brings in nearly 60% of our traffic. We’re also re-syndicated in news aggregators such as Google News.
  • Our readers are young — Of a sample of 1,500 Skater Tech readers, 42% make up the 18-24 age demographic. The 25-34 age group accounts for another 20%. About 65% are male and 35% are female.

Banner Ads

Skatter Tech offers a self-serving advertisement sales tool powered by Isocket. Click here to view pricing and get started. For custom banner sizes, please shoot us a note through contact page.

  • Leaderboard: 728×90
  • Square: 250×250
  • Banner: 468×60

P.S. First time buyer? Reach out to us on the contact page for a one-time discount coupon code.

Custom Branding

Those looking for deep Skatter Tech integration should reach out to us for samples of previous campaigns. Our creative team can design unique skins and out platform supports social network integrated advertisements. We ensure high success rates on custom branding since these are immune to ad-blocking technologies.

Feedback Platform

Skatter Tech has a large well-educated tech enthusiastic reader base. Our platform enables polling our audience about their thoughts and opinions on your products and services. It is even a great way to collect feedback when it comes to what customers are looking forward to as well.

Text Link Ads

We offer advertisers the option to insert a single in-line text link ad into an existing or upcoming article. We evaluate each request on a case by case basis. These links are generally styled slightly differently to fully clarify their intention.

Giveaway Deals

Skatter Tech offers a unique platform for companies to host a giveaway contest with our readers on the Deals Hub. These help build brand names and spread brand awareness.

Sponsored Posts

We are highly selective and only publish a limited amount of Sponsored Posts each month. This solution proves to be highly valuable, but comes with a price tag. We denote sponsored posts and formatted these uniquely for full disclosure. We offer additional packages such as enabling comments for engaging discussions with our readers.

RSS Feeds

We offer advertisers the ability to insert approved ads into our syndicated feeds.