How do I contact Skatter Tech?

You can email or give us a call. Please visit our Contact page for additional details.

Is Skatter Tech free to read?

Our content is ad-supported and we do not charge any fees. We may choose offer paid premium content in the future.

How do I subscribe to Skatter Tech?

We offer updates by Email, with RSS, and through Social Networks. Visit our Subscribe page for more options.

How does Skatter Tech decide what gets published?

We pick important stories that we think are exciting and interesting. Who likes a boring story anyways? If you have suggestions, feel free to tip us through the Contact page.

Do you folks accept news tips or suggestions?

Absolutely, there are often stories that fall off the radar. Please feel free to submit a tip us or offer a suggestion through the Contact page.

Can I get my company’s product reviewed on Skatter Tech?

Yes, but be warned that we are often selective due to an overwhelming number of requests. You can submit a review request on our Contact page.

Does Skatter Tech charge for writing a piece about a company or product?

No. We pick up stories that we find interesting. You can suggest stories or request a product review on the Contact page. We may choose to charge for sponsored content, which will be clearly denoted, in the future.

Are leaks or rumors published on Skatter Tech?

Simply saying yes or no won’t do justice. If credible information falls in our hands, we evaluate the details on a case-by-case basis before publishing anything.

Does Skatter Tech keep review units?

To avoid any bias, we return products immediately after we finish a review. If we do get to hold onto something, we give them away to our readers.

Isn’t it bias to have ads from companies you review?

Editors aren’t involved in accepting or selecting advertisers. We try our best to provide honest reviews at all times.

Has Skatter Tech vetted ads featured across the site?

We try our best to provide quality ads, however some exceptions always fall through. When visiting a website linked from here, be sure to be cautious when disclosing personal information or when making a purchase as you would on anywhere else.

Who writes for Skatter Tech? How do I contact them?

We have an awesome team. Learn more about them and contact them on through the Authors page.

Are you guys hiring? Can I write for Skatter Tech?

We’re always looking for talent. If positions are available, details will be available on our Jobs page.

Where do I buy the items featured this website?

We publish content much like a traditional newspaper. We do not sell products or services.

Who do I contact for support regarding a product mentioned here?

You will need to contact the manufacturer or reseller, we don’t offer tech support or have their contact information. Our readers often are very generous, leaving a comment on a respective article could prove helpful.

How do I write comment on Skatter Tech?

We generally have a comment form beneath each article. Registration is not required. Be sure to adhere to our Comment Policy.

Why do you need my email address for comment?

It’s an easy way to verify your identity and approve your future comments. It’s also the best way to cut down on spam. For those concerned about privacy, we don’t share email addresses with others. You will not receive any newsletters or messages from us. For more details, read our Comment Policy.

Who removed my comment and why?

Skatter Tech encourages thoughtful discussions, however we occasionally are left with no choice but to remove a comment due to misconduct or inappropriate nature. Please scan through our Comment Policy for a better explanation.

I find an article or comment offensive, who do I contact?

If you believe something on Skatter Tech is inappropriate, please let us know through the Contact page. Your thoughts are important to us.

Should I buy a product or service a commenter is trying to sell me?

No. Skatter Tech doesn’t approve, endorse, or sell anything through comments. We encourage asking for advice or suggestions about technology, not trading goods.

How do I find an old article that was once here?

We never delete articles, except for few rare instances. If you can’t seem to find an article, we offer an excellent search tool featured at the top of every page.

I found a bug on Skatter Tech, who do I report it too?

We want our readers to have bug-free experience possible. If you run into any issues, please let us know through the Contact page. A descriptive explanation and screenshots are generally helpful. Our engineers will try to fix it immediately.

Can I republish an article featured on Skatter Tech?

All our content is Copyright. You are welcome to quote us or share a short excerpt. Attribution is required: include the text “Skatter Tech” and a link to our home page or a full article. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details.

Is it safe to enter my email to submit a comment?

Skatter Tech will not share your email with anyone. For full details please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Will Skatter Tech provide support for gadgets won through Deals?

No. Skatter Tech awards prizes “as is” and is not responsible for any technical issues or damages. For the full rules, refer to our Contest Policy.

How do I visit the Skatter Tech mobile site on my device?

Just visit skatter.com as you would on a regular computer. We have compiled a comprehensive list including just about every feature phone and smart phone. Our server will automatically detect and send your device to the mobile version.