Although most Skatter Tech readers visit our website directly, there are numerous other ways to access our content. We offer email subscriptions, syndicated RSS feeds, and updates through social networks. For those that only want to read certain stories, we offer Author, Hub, and Tag specific feeds. To make your life easier, here is a comprehensive list of recommended tips and tools.

Email Updates

Social Networks

RSS Feeds

Full Feed

Hub Feeds

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Tag Feeds

When browsing a #tag's archive, just add /feed/ to the end URL in the address bar.

Author Feeds

Head over to The Team page and click on an author. A 'RSS' link is on each person's profile page.

Comment Feeds

When reading a full-length article, a link to the Comment Feed is available in the Comment Form box.

Feed Readers

  • Google Reader - Our #1 choice. Google's web-based reader works in just about any browser. The website is compatible with both feature phones and smartphones. There's even an Android app.
  • Pulse Reader - If you own an Android device, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, this free app is a great way to browse our content. Just search for "Skatter Tech" in the 'Add' tab once installed on your device.
  • Web Browsers - Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (8.0+), and Apple Safari all feature built-in RSS readers. Chrome doesn't support feeds out of the box, but plug-ins are available.