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Verizon Doubles DSL Speeds
April 3, 2005 08:53 AM

Verizon DSL is doubling their DSL lines at no charge. Existing users have to call the BILLING telephone number to upgrade. Verizon will not upgrade your account automatically. So you will need to call them and ask them for the free upgrade. The current speeds are 1.5Mbps/128Kbps for $29.99 and once they give you the upgrade the speeds should be around 3Mbps/768Kbps for the same price. There is infact a little catch, which will require you to stay with Verizon DSL for another full year. If you wish to cancel within that term there will be high penalty fees.

Link: SignUpForVerizonDSL | digg story | CheckYourInternetSpeed

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