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July 6, 2005 07:32 PM

I had created a account a few months ago, hoping to get a free iPod, which seemed unlikely at the time. After a while, the site was reviewed by TechTV and they proved that the site worked when they recieved a brand new unit. The company (Gratis Network) was soon investigated by eTrust because of the popularity. eTrust found that the company was legit and now they are a trusted company running a legit bussiness. (Gratis is also the creator of Free PSP, iPod (mini), iPod Shuffle, mini MAC, 360 xBox, ect.) After this occured I just signed up to the Free PSPs site and completed an offer. I soon after placed a link on few message boards, fourms, and on this site as well. Now after a few months I have gotten 5 people to signup through the refferal links and complete their own offer. Gratis Network has shipped my PSP and it will be here in 2 days! I will be posting the results of the shippment soon!

Update: I GOT IT (IMAGE) It is brand new and is just as good as the original PSP I had purchased when it was launched. Only difference is that they do not include a SpiderMan-2 DVD because this unit was not one of the first ONE MILLION units to have been shipped.

How It Works: First go to Gratis Network’s site and find a product that you would want. Then sign up through a link that any of your friends are using, or find one online to help some one out. (if you absolutley don’t want to help anyone out then just sign up directly on their site. note: it dosen’t affect you to sign up through someone else’s link, you’re just helping someone on the way.) Now go through the signup process truthfully and complete an offer which seems to have no catches. (look for an offer from a big company, and see the how long you will need to be with them and how much you will need to pay. tip: choose the shortest timed offer that has free trials. you are allowed to cancel once you stay the minimum time.) You may at the same time start spreading that refferal url ( to all your friends. Just be patient, and you will get what you want soon!

Link: Gratis Networks | iPod(s) | PSP

SignUp Links: (please only signup using the links below if you know you are going to complete the offers. So first signup with the link, then post a comment below stating which link you used and your refferal link. Once the person at the top receives his item I will then remove them from the list. Also if you can see that enough people have signed up to the url from the top then go down the list and find someone that dosen’t have too many. Please include email address you used to signup.)


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