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Downgrade PSP v2.0 to v1.5
September 27, 2005 06:00 PM

After a long awaited time, the a PSP downgrader is finally available! This will allow all PSP owners who have upgraded their PSP to v2.0 to downgrade all the way back to v1.5. (this version will allow using homebrew applications) Also if you have v1.51 or v1.52, you will need to upgrade up to v2.0 and then you will be able to downgrade. If you do downgrade from v2.0 you will always be able to bring back v2.0 by doing the standard update procedure once again.

To downgrade do the following: (read entire post first! notes @ bottom)

  • Create the X://PSP/GAME/UPDATE directory if it doesn’t exisit.
  • Copy EBOOT.PBP (v1.50) into X://PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder.
  • Unzip the PSPdowngrade.zip package and open the folder.
  • Copy overflow.tif into X://PSP/PHOTO/ folder.
  • Then copy h.bin into the root folder. (X://h.bin)
  • Finally copy index.dat into root folder as well (X://index.dat)
  • Make sure your AC adaptor is connected.
  • In your PSP enter the Photos section, which will launch a little app.
  • You will need to wait ~30 seconds and then restart your PSP.
  • Then finally Game Menu and launch the v1.5 updater (downgrade).
  • Follow instructions and then at 99% an error should popup.
  • Thats normal so just restart the PSP and it should show an error.
  • Now restart the unit one more time and the PSP should be ready.

Notes: Make sure there are no other Photos other than the overflow image present in the photos folder during this “downgrade” procedure. To restart hold the power button for about 10 seconds once it is off wait 10 seconds and turn it back on. All credit goes to MPH for creating this hack to downgrade PSPs. Please do not use this for illegal purposes (piracy), but use it to use legal homebrew apps and opensource type games. The PSPdowngrade.zip will inculde all of the files required to downgrade your PSP.
Warning: Skatter Tech is only providing information on how to downgrade the PSP. If you PSP does by chance get damaged due to something you tried on this site, we are not going to be responsible so do these at your own risk.

Download: PSPdowngrade.zip — DOWNLOAD REMOVED
Links: PSP Updates | Toc2rta Wiki
Affilate: HackMyPSP (Plenty of great PSP Hacks!)


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