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Firefox Tip: Usefull Extensions
October 28, 2005 05:56 PM

This a list of the Top 10 most usefull Firefox Extensions I have seen. Many of these extensions are “must have” items, which everyone should always have installed. Most of these can be found on Mozilla’s Update page, but all have been tested and all function perfectly with Firefox v1.0.7.

1) Adblock – (most required item) blocks most ads on webpages.
2) Autofill – fills out forms on webpages and highlights “fillable” fields.
3) NoScript – (great security feature) blocks Java scripts from running on any webpage, unless you mark the site as a trusted site.
4) IE View – (windows only) re-opens the page you are on in IE.
5) miniT – allows draging and dropping tabs in any order.
6) TabBrowser Prefs. – gives tons of features to controling tab functions.
7) LiveBookMarkThis – right-click on an RSS feed & add to bookmarks.
8) SubmitToTab – right-click on a “submit” button and open in new tab.
9) ScreenGrab – takes a clean screenshot of the webpage you are viewing.
10) Colorfull Tabs – Adds random colors to all your tabs.

Link: Mozilla Update | Most Popular Extensions
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