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Agent 18 Shield for iPod Nano
November 2, 2005 04:51 PM

Apple introduced the iPod Nano in early September this year (“05). Since then there have been many complain and reports of the iPod’s screen scratching easily and even snapping in some incidents. To prevent this from occurring it is best to protect you Nano by purchasing some type of a case. I recently found the Agent 18 iPod Nano Shield and it proved to be a great case. The case is a semi-transparent hard case that will surround pretty much the entire iPod. The case has openings on the bottom to allow using both connectors and on the top to allow using the hold switch. The case is sleek enough so that it can be placed into the iPod Dock while it is still in the case. The case does not look that great while it is on the Black Nano because it is not completely transparent (creates a grayish color), but should look better on the white Nano. The only other problem I noticed with this was the fact that there are two small vertical lines on the case that go over both sides of the screen. This doesn’t affect me too much, but may irritate others. But overall this is a pretty good case and is worth buying. The case will cost $20, but unfortunately is only available on the online Apple Store as well as Agent18’s website.

Important: For people who have purchased this case or are planning on purchasing it please read the correct directions of how to place the iPod Nano into the case. If you try to slide it in through the bottom it could easily get scratched. – Offical Instructions Here

Link: Apple Store | (more images on both sites)
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Update 1: Agent 18 Nano Shield Rev.B Released
Update (11/12/06): Agent 18 Nano Shock Shield For 2nd Gen iPod Nano

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