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Free PS3s Conga (FreePay)
November 28, 2005 04:14 PM

As the Sony PS3 is getting closer and closer, FreePay has launched a free site for the PlayStation 3. This site will work just like the Free iPods (video, nano, and shuffle), Mini Macs, Xbox 360s, and PSPs sites. ( To get your own PS3 signup using the directions below and refer a few friends and you will be ready to get your own PS3 as soon as it is released. (expected early 2006) FreePay, formerly known as Gratis Network, is a credible and legit site. I personally have received both a PSP and an iPod Nano from them. The most successful conga line setup by Skatter Tech is for a Free iPod Nano Conga from FreePay.

To sign up to the Skatter Tech Free PS3 Conga Line Do the following: (READ EVERYTHING) First create an account using the highlighted link provided below. (Make sure the referal code shows up above the box where you choose your username and password) Once you create an account comeback and post a comment including your First Name, Email Address Used, and your Referal Link so we can add you to the list. (write down the email address of the person you signed up for) To become the first person on the list you must complete an offer within 2 weeks. Each person will stay at the top of the list until he or she has received 7 completed offers. This page will be updated as often as possible. Note: posting links and spamming the comments with links to other “free sites” or other “free items” will not be tolerated and all IPs will be banned.

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Too many spammers hitting our site and only a few good users to help each other out.
If you are already on the list we will leave you up to get more referrals.

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